Antonelli’s Advanced Auto and MBC Grand Broadcasting Inc.


September 22, 2023  2:30 PM

Antonelli’s Advanced Automotive

365 Bonny St. Grand Junction, CO 81501

Grand Junction, Colo-- Antonelli’s Advanced Automotive and MBC Grand Broadcasting Inc. has chosen a deserving individual for our car give away.


Antonelli’s Advanced Automotive is on a mission to make a difference in someone’s life to help him or her move forward in their time of need. In 150 words or less people explained why a particular person deserves or needs a vehicle.


There were many deserving individuals but one nominee stood out. On Friday, September 22nd at 2:30 pm here at the shop we will hand over the keys to Lindsey. This person is a single mom that had recently been in a car collision and now is without a car.  This makes it difficult to get to work so having dependable transportation will hopefully help them tremendously.  Thanks to her friend Celicia for nominating her and telling us her story.


This Ford Explorer is in awesome shape and comes with free oil changes for 2 years. 


Thanks to MBC Grand Broadcasting Inc. for helping us get the word out and do a lot of the work helping us decide on a deserving person. 


Also, a big thank you to Bookcliff Auto Parts, our local NAPA Parts store, for always donating some of the parts needed to get these cars in great shape. 

Call Dan at 970-270-8575 for more information.